Should I Buy or Lease a Subaru near Williamsburg, VA?

car keys being handed from one person to another

If you’re researching vehicles and find yourself wondering if leasing vs. buying a car is right for you, come by our Subaru dealership near Williamsburg. Here at Moore Subaru Richmond, we have dedicated Subaru sales and auto financing professionals who are happy to help break down the differences between buying vs. leasing cars. We’ll discuss the Subaru ownership advantages that come when you buy a new Subaru Outback or used Crosstrek and the perks of signing a Subaru lease in Richmond, so you can make an informed decision.

Buying vs. Leasing a Subaru near Me

If you’re asking yourself questions like "is leasing a car a good idea" or "is it better to lease or finance a car," visit our Richmond Subaru dealer. We’ll show you all our new Subaru models for sale nearby and discuss the best path for you to take. Those who love to cruise for miles and miles may want to buy a Subaru, as leases come with mileage restrictions. Just need a car that’s perfect for your commute? We recommend you check out our Subaru lease specials to see what we have available. Are you a Williamsburg Subaru fan who’s looking to upgrade to the latest models? We’ll help you sign a Subaru lease, so you can grab the keys to a brand-new vehicle every few years. And because ownership provides you with many benefits for years to come, know that our used Subaru sales provide incredible options for those who want to buy a pre-owned Subaru at an amazing price.

Guide to Buying or Leasing a Subaru Model

Benefits of Buying a Subaru Subaru Lease Benefits
Ownership Pay for ownership of the vehicle and work toward having the title in your name Pay for use of your new Subaru and upgrade models once it reaches its lease maturity date.
Mileage Limits No mileage restrictions Mileage restrictions are determined by lease terms
Down Payment Generally comes with a higher down payment Normally comes with lower down payments and less money up front
Monthly Car Payments Normally has higher monthly payments Generally has lower monthly payments
Auto Maintenance Responsible for repairs not covered in warranty Required to service vehicle according to dealership recommendations
Customization Customize your Subaru to your liking Subaru customizations are not allowed